Friday, September 11, 2009

Important Reminders for Mothers

Being a first time Mom for Amber was quite scary, babies as we all know are very delicate. So, I followed the reminders that Amber's Pedia, Dr. Mercy Po has written on Amber's baby book. I would like to share it with all the parents reading my blog since these are indeed very useful...

Motherhood is a wonderful experience. You must be very excited. Here are some helpful tips from someone who is foremost a mother above anything else.

- Feeding

Breastfeed your baby! It is the best milk you can offer.
Burp baby after every feeding.
Offer 1 to 3 oz. of sterile water daily (Sterilize water by boiling water for 15 to 30 minutes. Bottled water has to be boiled, too!).
Should your baby sleep while waiting for the burp, put your baby on the bed on his/her right side.

- Sun Exposure

Before bathing, between 6am to 8am, expose your baby under direct sunlight.
Remove all clothes, and spend 15minutes each for the front and back.

- Bathing

Check your baby's temperature.
Prepare all things you need for bathing as well as baby's clothes.
Use lukewarm water with mild/baby soap.
Liquid soap has to be diluted - 1 part soap + 2-3 parts of water.
Give a whole body bath and then wipe dry.

- Cord Care

Clean the cord with Hydrogen Peroxide, 10% (Agua Oxygenada).
Start from inside going out.
Do not be afraid, cord infection is more frightening.
Cord will fall off at 2 weeks of age.

- Sleeping

After bath, most babies will feed and go to sleep.
Newborns sleep most of the time and sleep-wake cycle can not be predicted yet.
They are awake for only a short time, when they are asleep, get some rest, too! We need a healthy Mommy to have a healthy baby.

- Others

Lotion, cologne, baby oil and powder are not recommended. These are irritating to newborn.
Talk to your baby... she/he can hear you.
Touch your baby... she/he can feel you.
Look at your baby, newborns are capable of visual fixation.
They respond to human face.

- What then is Abnormal?

Vomiting and diarrhea
Weak cry and poor suck
Decrease in activity
Excessive yellowish color of skin
Temperature below 36.5 degrees C
Temperature above 37.5 degrees C
Inconsolable crying

Hope these reminders helped you a LOT! :-)

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