Friday, November 12, 2010

Blogging on the Go...

I got interested with my former officemates's post in the social network Facebook and was enticed to open my Blog again and see if I can take it into action. Well, the one thing that interested me most was her blog about earning while online and of course, I want to check if I can make it happen since I no longer work but stayed as a full-time Mom.

Being a full-time Mom has it's ups and downs and for most of us, all we really want is what's good for our babies. Now, earning online would really help as well with the financial stability of the family thus, I highly recommend to all Mothers out there who has unlimited use of Internet, to check this website:

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Something I'd like to share to everyone...

My worst nightmare came to reality when my 7 months old baby got dengue 3 weeks ago, we were shattered... We were asking ourselves, where did she get it from? She got fever that will not actually subside even with paracetamol, we sponge bathe her and it did subside but after a while, she became delirious with fever again and will not cease crying. We immediately brought her to the hospital and the cbc resulted to 148 platelet count and we were informed that the normal range for her age is 140-400 (as far as i can remember from that horrid experience), and we were advised by the resident doctor in the emergency to go home and return by tomorrow for another cbc test since it would be her 3rd day with fever, which is the start of the dengue attack. When we returned to hospital, she has 75 platelet count and was then admitted...

Gosh, sharing and reminiscing the past events still hurt and cause goosebumps on my arms, as much as I want to give you all details, I have to stop, we cried and prayed for her safety and fast recovery, good thing was we have friends and relatives that has been supportive with this ordeal. Eventually, after 7 days in the hospital, she got out, although she had blood transfusion, we were grateful that she's well and alive, we might have shelled out quite a lot of our savings but it does not matter, we could still find and earn it. Now, the thing that we are thankful for is the boiled tawa-tawa that my mother made for my baby's fever, she said it's the herbal medicine she uses when someone got fever in the family.

I also got an email which I kept from a yahoogroup prayer team subscription and followed their advise. It says, "Accordingly, get raw papaya leaves, 2pcs just cleaned and pound and squeeze with filter cloth. You will only get one tablespoon per leaf; serve two tablespoon per serving once a day. Do not boil or cook or rinse with hot water, it will loose it's strength. Only the leafy part and no stem or sap. It is very bitter and you have to swallow it like "Won Low Kat", it works. Papaya juice has cooling effect. Thus, it helps to reduce the level of heat in one's body, thus the fever will go away. I found that it's also good when one is having sore throat or suffering from heat. Also boiled tawa-tawa(visaya) weed juice, drink the whole day."

We decided there's no harm in trying so we just continued to let my baby drink it, forced her actually to drink, my hubby's aunt and cousin also said to buy a mangagaw juice which is available in rose pharmacy, said it actually helped cure dengue. With God's help, my baby now is fine and gaining weight, and she returned to her "kulit" self.

Thank God and thank you for all the prayers.. :-)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Ariella's Rolling Stint

At 5 months, Ariella likes to roll over and does not seem to mind where she goes hehe.. I'd like to share her video on this, so proud of her :-)

Friday, September 25, 2009

What's Your Baby's Milk After Breastfeeding?

I stopped breastfeeding with my 2 babies after a month they were born due to my poor health condition. Now, the issue with what brand of milk they will need was decided by my babies' Pedias. Amber's milk was S-26 while Ariella is Enfalac A+. What I like with these 2 brands are their many listed nutrients indicated on the cans. However, for those mothers who are tight on budget, you may ask your Pedia what brands are best to fit your budget, and they will understand. The infant formula though is just a milk substitute since breastmilk is still best for babies.. :-)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Have You Heard of Prevenar?

Amber has finished her Prevenar, which was explained by her Pedia as a vaccine that prevents pneumococcal disease in children. And Ariella will get her 1st dose this October. However, it's quite costly but still availed for the sake of their health since pneumococcal infections are sometimes fatal medical conditions caused by the pneumo bug and responsible for causing diseases such as pneumonia, blood poisoning and meningitis. :-)

This information was given to us by the Pedias of my babies so I would like everyone to know what you've paid for :-)

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Benefits of Rotarix Vaccine

We skipped the Rotarix vaccine for Amber but we did not skip it with Ariella... This particular vaccine as explained by Ariella's Pedia Doctor Glenn Chua prevents children from diarrhea/vomiting. He gave us a leaflet which talks about Rotavirus. It was indicated on the leaflet that Rotavirus is a serious virus that is most common cause of severe dehydrating diarrhea in children worldwide. Of course I got scared, with our environment today, we can't be complacent, a rotavirus infection can seem like a normal upset stomach but could lead to vomiting or diarrhea more than 20 times a day and symptoms may last up to 9 days.

To all the mothers out there, these are the signs and symptoms of severe dehydration:

- Tiredness or Weakness

- Inability to Drink

- Deep Breathing

- No Tears When Crying

- And Cold Extremities (such as hands and feet)

Now, don't wait for this to happen to your baby, protect your baby and talk to your doctor about rotavirus and prevention... :-)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Protect Your Newborn, I Protected Mine...

A single shot can protect your newborn... These were the words coming from Ariella's Pedia. He was referring to 6-in-1 combination vaccine. This vaccine covers 6 serious diseases:

- Hepatitis B
- Polio
- HiB Disease
- Tetanus
- Pertussis
- Diphtheria

For more information, I suggest you ask your Pediatrician about the benefits of the 6-in-1 Combination Vaccine today... :-)

Friday, September 11, 2009

What is BCG Vaccination?

Here's a simple definition of BCG Vaccination to all new and expectant Moms:

BCG stands for Bacillus Calmette-Guerin. This vaccine is usually given to newborn babies, so that they are protected very early in life against tuberculosis (TB). Only one dose of BCG vaccine is given at birth and it will normally leave a scar... :-)

Important Reminders for Mothers

Being a first time Mom for Amber was quite scary, babies as we all know are very delicate. So, I followed the reminders that Amber's Pedia, Dr. Mercy Po has written on Amber's baby book. I would like to share it with all the parents reading my blog since these are indeed very useful...

Motherhood is a wonderful experience. You must be very excited. Here are some helpful tips from someone who is foremost a mother above anything else.

- Feeding

Breastfeed your baby! It is the best milk you can offer.
Burp baby after every feeding.
Offer 1 to 3 oz. of sterile water daily (Sterilize water by boiling water for 15 to 30 minutes. Bottled water has to be boiled, too!).
Should your baby sleep while waiting for the burp, put your baby on the bed on his/her right side.

- Sun Exposure

Before bathing, between 6am to 8am, expose your baby under direct sunlight.
Remove all clothes, and spend 15minutes each for the front and back.

- Bathing

Check your baby's temperature.
Prepare all things you need for bathing as well as baby's clothes.
Use lukewarm water with mild/baby soap.
Liquid soap has to be diluted - 1 part soap + 2-3 parts of water.
Give a whole body bath and then wipe dry.

- Cord Care

Clean the cord with Hydrogen Peroxide, 10% (Agua Oxygenada).
Start from inside going out.
Do not be afraid, cord infection is more frightening.
Cord will fall off at 2 weeks of age.

- Sleeping

After bath, most babies will feed and go to sleep.
Newborns sleep most of the time and sleep-wake cycle can not be predicted yet.
They are awake for only a short time, when they are asleep, get some rest, too! We need a healthy Mommy to have a healthy baby.

- Others

Lotion, cologne, baby oil and powder are not recommended. These are irritating to newborn.
Talk to your baby... she/he can hear you.
Touch your baby... she/he can feel you.
Look at your baby, newborns are capable of visual fixation.
They respond to human face.

- What then is Abnormal?

Vomiting and diarrhea
Weak cry and poor suck
Decrease in activity
Excessive yellowish color of skin
Temperature below 36.5 degrees C
Temperature above 37.5 degrees C
Inconsolable crying

Hope these reminders helped you a LOT! :-)